Hello! I'm Rhea and this is my little yuri corner, where I want to bring attention to girls' love works both new and old, as well as other LGBT-focused works. I'll try to keep regularly updating the site with new works + code functions, so stick around!

Contact: girls.love.rules@gmail.com

Welcome to Rhea's Yuri Shelf!

Hello there! I'm Rhea Anthea, and this is my mini-review blog for yuri + other LGBT media!
I'm always trying to read more, so expect frequent updates with new titles!
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Short Changelog


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  • Added "Wish You Were Gone". "She Loves To Cook/Loves To Eat"
  • Added "Program Me (18+)"
  • The heat can, in fact, keep me down.
  • Added "Black & White (18+)", "Delinquent/Transfer Student", "Irrational Us"
  • Heat stroke can't keep me down
  • Added "Modern Romanesco", "Organ Divider (18+)"
  • Added "Lit a Light", "Ring My Bell", "The Love Doctor"
  • Web development hiatus (work sucks right now)
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  • Added "A Monster Wants To Eat Me", "Pieta", "Kase-san and..."
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